Ecogenics is exploring new sources for producing
BioDiesel fuel

The images below speak for themselves; it is possible to significantly reduce our addiction to petroleum by creating renewable, clean-burning fuels from wastes currently being thrown-away!!!!

Some examples of the wastes we are currently using to produce BioDiesel include: 
    1) virgin ALGAE oil, extracted from algae being cultivated at the Ecogenics' research facility
    2) lard from snack foods (that fail manufacturer quality tests);
    3) Virgin vegetable oils recovered from inefficient manufacturing practices

Check out the images of algae to BioDiesel.....

                        Algae being cultivated / tested at Ecogenics Research Center



                 More algae being cultivated / tested at Ecogenics Research Center



                                    Dried algae being prepared for oil extraction



                                 Algae oil (left) and BioDiesel from algae oil (right)

           Latest batch of (unwashed) biodiesel from algae.  More pictures to come!!!!



Creating BioDiesel from Algae oil is possible!!!  Learn more at Ecogenics Research Center

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